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Da Vinci Project

We have been thinking over the past year about new and innovative ways that we can provide additional challenge for those pupils who show particular aptitude in learning across the curriculum. Having specialist music and PE teachers within the school, there have been many opportunities for talented athletes, actors and musicians to explore their abilities, but less has been available for able writers, mathematicians, scientists and artists.

Our solution is ‘The Da Vinci Programme’ which we are piloting over the next few weeks, with a view to rolling out the programme across the year and the school. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of history’s most notable learners: a genius of fine art, science and technology and a truly creative thinker. We believe he is a perfect inspiration for our most capable learners and have named this programme in his honour.

To be selected to participate in the programme, a pupil must show a particular strength in the subject on offer as well as demonstrating a positive and focused attitude to learning in that subject. The programme, led by Miss Bond, will run over four afternoons during a single week, allowing for the pupils to get really immersed in the subject and to have time to explore ideas to a deeper level.  It will be limited to a maximum of 8 pupils from the year group, who the teachers will select given the above criteria. Your child may be disappointed not to be chosen initially, but we hope that aspiring to be chosen next time may be a spur to children to aim high.

It is hoped that over time, the programme will cover a range of subjects, including the arts, but our first pilot will focus on writing and will be centred in years 2, 3 and 4.