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Inter-School Sport

PE and Sport is hugely important here at Walton Oak and we are incredibly proud of all the opportunities we provide our pupils with and all our achievements.  Along with our PE curriculum, after-school sports clubs and our intra-school (House) sport opportunities, we also provide inter-school events for our children to compete in throughout the year.             


Additional sports funding is used particularly well by leaders to inspire pupils to participate in physical activities. Pupils show great enthusiasm when taking part in tournaments and relish competing on behalf of Walton Oak. Leaders’ commitment to providing a wealth of enjoyable sporting activities ensures that pupils develop positive attitudes to physical activity.

Ofsted, November 2017  

Walton Oak is a member of the Elmbridge and Runnymede Primary School Sports Association (ERPSSA), a collection of schools who work together to provide competitive sports opportunities for their children.  

Inter-School Sport (2018-2019)

05/10/2018 Year 4 Mini Olympics - Otters Class Completed
16/11/2018 Year 3 & 4 Hockey Tournament (4 teams) Completed
23/11/2018 Year 3 Mini Olympics - Water Voles Class Completed
30/11/2018 Year 5 & 6 Hockey Tournament (4 teams) Completed
30/11/2018 Year 3 Mini Olympics - Rabbits Class Completed
14/01/2019 Elmbridge PhysiFUN/Change4Life Festival Completed
18/01/2019 Year 5 & 6 ERPSSA Dodgeball Tournament (1 team) Completed
30/01/2019 Year 5 & 6 ERPSSA Sportshall Athletics Competition Completed
08/02/2019 Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball Tournament (4 teams) Completed
08/02/2019 Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball Tournament (4 teams) Completed
14/02/2019 Year 5 & 6 ERPSSA Pop Lacrosse Tournament Completed
08/03/2019 Year 3 Mini Olympics - Woodpeckers Class Completed
19/03/2019 Year 3 & 4 Sportshall Athletics Competition Completed
01/04/2019 Years 3 & 4 Tag Rugby Competition (4 teams) Completed
01/04/2019 Years 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Competition (4 teams) Completed
10/05/2019 Year 4 Mini Olympics - Muntjacs Class Completed
22/05/2019 Years 1-6 Panathlon Competition Completed
03/06/2019 Year 3 & 4 Archery and Fencing Event (2 teams) Completed
05/06/2019 Year 3 & 4 Tri-golf Competition Completed
06/06/2019 Year 5 Rounders Tournament Completed
10/06/2019 Year 3 & 4 Archery and Fencing Event (2 teams)
17/06/2019 Years 5 & 6 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
18/06/2019 Year 6 ERPSSA Rounders Tournament
25/06/2019 Year 5 Quadkids Competition
11/07/2019 Year 6 County Orienteering Finals
TBC Year 5 ERPSSA Rounders Tournament

To read how the children get on in these sports competitions, please click here.  You will be taken to our 'PE & Sport News' page which we update every time an event has been completed.


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