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As part of our school’s mission to get fitter, we again welcomed David from Skip2BFit on Monday 17th September 2018, to come in and work with our children in Years 1, 2 and 3.  David had already visited our Year 4, 5 and 6 children back in April 2018 to complete a one day workshop with them. 

During both workshops, each class was allocated a 30 minute session where David spoke to the children about why it is important to exercise and what happens to the body when they do.  He then demonstrated the basic skip, before showing the children what could be achieved through practice — the children were very impressed!  Then, once they were shown how to measure and adjust their skipping to fit their body, each child warmed up to the motivating Skip2BFit music.

Each piece of music was timed specifically to 2 minutes in length.  On command, each class of children was then challenged to skip for two minutes, after which the children could look on the handle of their skipping to check just how many skips they completed on the skipping counter.  After the first skip, the class were given a short rest before David challenged them to all beat their first score.  The children were competing against themselves to try and achieve their ‘personal best’.

Even though it was only for 2 minutes, skipping for this amount of time was tough going!  All the children and all the staff joined in and attempted to achieve an improvement from their first score.  The children then had an opportunity to tell David their scores before he explained that all the children who beat their first score, did so because they wanted to.  He then explained that they could apply this mentality to their class work, homework and all other lessons.

After the skipping session, the children were told that as well as being active, they also needed to eat healthily.  David explained that blueberries were a super food and a fruit that children should try to eat, even if they had not tried them before.  Every child (and member of staff) was then handed their own box of blue berries to eat at break, lunch or on the way home!  The great thing was that the plastic box could be reused again in their lunchboxes for more blueberries, grapes or raisins.   

The final part of each afternoon was a special Skip2BFit assembly, which saw the best skipper from each year group received a special certificate.  As a final surprise, the best child skipper from all of Years 1-3 had to take on the best staff member.  This meant that Leianna from Year 3 had to go head-to-head with Miss Martin in a one minute competition.  After one minute Leianna had scored 97 skips, whilst Miss Martin scored 95.  Leianna was presented with her own skipping rope as a prize for winning.  

In the Years 4-6 assembly, Tayah from Year 6 had to go head-to-head with Miss Slaymaker and after the one minute had ended, Tayah had scored 138 skips, whilst Miss Slaymaker scored 137.  Well done to Tayah who was rewarded with her very own Skip2BFit rope as her prize for winning.


The School have decided to purchase a Skip2BFit skipping rope for every child in Years 1-6 and these have been given out this week.  These skipping ropes have all had the child's name written on both handles and they have been measured and cut to fit each child's height.  The children will be able to practice their skipping during break and lunch times to improve their fitness and skipping ability, plus they will also be used during warm ups for PE lessons.  Therefore these skipping ropes will be kept in school at all times, so that they may be used



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